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Program Statement

Our strategies to achieve our program statement are guided by the work done on Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years (“How Does Learning Happen”).  We understand that learning and development happens within the context of relationships among children, families, educators, and their environments.  We understand that for children to grow and flourish, the four following foundational conditions need to exist:
• A sense of Belonging,
• A sense of Well-Being,
• Opportunities and support for Engagement, and
• Opportunities and support for Expression.
We will adopt the following 11 strategies to create these conditions:
1. Promote an environment which is healthy, safe, and supports general well being
2. Promote an environment which ensures good nutrition and safe food preparation
3. Support positive and responsive interactions
4. Encourage the children to interact and communicate
5. Foster exploration, play and inquiry
6. Provide child-initiated and adult-supported experiences
7. Plan for and create positive learning environments and experiences
8. Incorporate indoor and outdoor play, active play and quiet time
9. Foster the engagement of and communications with parents
10. Involve local community partners
11. Support others in relation to continuous professional learning

For a more in depth look at our Program Statement, please click here.

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